Graphic Designing

At Nasrum Minallah SMC Pvt Ltd the graphic design process is the process of Branding your business. Stationery Design is a broad term that encompasses business cards, envelopes, letterheads, labels, postcards, flyers, brochures, and other similar marketing emissaries. All of which, when designed professionally, can prove pivotal in making your brand shine.

Every business owner understands that stationery is an essential component of every branding strategy. It conveys a personal, more intimate image of a brand and makes customers feel more valued than digital advertisements.

Review and approval cycle

The design stage is all about experimenting with colors, fonts, and imagery so there may be a lot of going back and forth with little tweaks here and there. It’s OK for faults to be made here, they’re all part of the design process – sometimes, seeing something you don’t like could lead to something you do like.

Online Preview

We like to put the design online so the client can get an idea of what the stationery design will look like, this may lead to further amendments. By now we should have a good indication of what the final outcome will look like.

By analyzing the customer’s needs our professional graphic designers can bring wonders to the business, along with this our designer concentrate on the Branding of the customer’s business to draw the attention of the customers. Making the first impression remarkable is the first priority of our graphic designers.

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